GirlsOnlyPorn - Freya Parker - Madi Meadows - My Boo S4E5


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Freya strips off Madi's top to reveal her flawless perky tits. Cupping them in her hands, Freya suckles her lover's tight budded nipples. Madiy returns the favor, removing Freya's top and caressing her full breasts.
After a pleasant interval, Madi takes things a step further when she kisses her way down Freya's belly and slides her panties off to part her womanly folds with her gentle tongue. Freya watches raptly as Madiy licks and sucks her eager pussy. Soon her eyes drift closed as Madiy's caresses draw her ever closer to completion. Long licks up and down Freya's weeping pussy drive her close to the edge, and the graze of teeth as Madiy suckles her tender clitoris pushes her over into an amazing orgasm that leaves her panting for breath. Satisfied, Madiy draws Freya into a long, slow kiss…