ImNotYourMommy - Freya Parker - Freya Azar - A Lucky Lesson On St Patricks Day S2E4

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The girls sneak up behind the lucky bastard, but he's not jerking off at the moment. Later, they hear water running so they barge in on him in the bathroom. Still later, they try again in the bedroom. They are out of luck until Freya walks in one day and Codey is mid-masturbation. Jessica tells Freya they're going to have to jerk Codey off so he can keep his hands off his dick. Jessica gets the party started as Freya shyly looks away, but Jessica needs Freya's help if she's going to get Codey to cum. Biting her lip, Freya agrees. Once she has begun to get hands on, Freya is quickly as enthusiastic as Jessica about stroking and then blowing Codey's hardon.