MomSwapped - Armani Black - Joshua Lewis - Nade Nasty - Rachael Cavalli - Swapping Our Perfect Stepmoms

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Armani Black, Joshua Lewis, Nade Nasty, and Rachael Cavalli are swapping our perfect stepmoms in an exciting summer adventure. Armani comes from a family of six, four younger sisters, and two stepmoms. Joshua and Nade both come from single parent households with Nade's dad also having a live-in girlfriend. Rachael is the only one with two biological parents who happen to be married and also share a stepmam. The four of them set out to explore the new adventure of living in each other's homes. Armani had the idea of swapping our perfect stepmoms and Joshua, Nade, and Rachael agreed. They set out for an adventure of new perspectives and bonding experiences with their new stepmoms. Although at first they were a bit scared of the idea, it turned out to be a great experience in the end. Through living with each other's stepmoms, they all learned valuable lessons and made amazing memories. Armani, Joshua, Nade, and Rachael all had one of the best summers of their lives and it was all thanks to MomSwapped sexy perfect stepmoms.