MomWantsCreampie - Bunny Madison - Jodie Johnson - My Stepmom Takes Care Of It

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My mom always had a soft spot for animals, so when I found out she wanted to adopt a creampie bunny, I was so excited. Her name was Madison and she was the cutest little bunny you ever saw. She was so small and fluffy that I just wanted to hug her all the time. My stepmom Jodie Johnson took care of her, making sure she had enough food and water, and making sure she was safe and healthy. She even took her for walks in the park, and Madison always loved it. Jodie also taught Madison a few tricks like how to use a litter box and how to come when she was called. Madison was so much more than just a pet, she was like a member of the family. She was always so happy and friendly, and we all loved her so much.