MomWantsCreampie - Rachael Cavalli - Saint James - Stepmom Cleans My Dick

Rachael Cavalli and Saint James were having a casual conversation over a round of golf when the topic suddenly turned to their stepmoms. Saint mentioned that his stepmom had been trying to set him up on a date, but he wasn't interested. That's when Rachael surprised him by saying, ‘My mom wants a creampie.' Saint was taken aback and asked her what she meant. Rachael explained that her stepmom had recently confided in her that she and her husband were having some issues in the bedroom and she was looking for some excitement. Rachael's stepmom had always been a bit of a wild one, and it seemed like she was getting a bit restless with her husband. Rachael continued to spill the details, saying that her stepmom had specifically mentioned wanting to try a creampie – something she had never done before. Saint couldn't believe what he was hearing. He had always thought of his stepmom as the typical suburban soccer mom, but now he was seeing her in a whole new light. Rachael went on to say that her stepmom had even asked her for advice on where to find a willing partner for this fantasy. Saint couldn't help but feel a bit intrigued by the idea. He had always found Rachael's stepmom attractive, and now knowing about her desires only added to the appeal. The two continued to discuss this scandalous topic, both feeling a mix of shock and excitement. They couldn't believe that their stepmoms were even capable of such thoughts and desires. It was a taboo topic that made them both feel a bit naughty. As they finished up their round of golf, the conversation had left them both with a newfound respect and admiration for their stepmoms. They couldn't wait to see what other secrets these seemingly innocent women were hiding.