BrattySis - Stepsister Knows Ill Take Pie Over Cake

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Angel Windell is Jason's stepsister and everyone in the family knows that she will always take pie over cake. She's always been a bit of a bratty sis, but it's her charm that everyone loves. She loves to tease Jason and make him laugh, but she's also very caring and loves to help when he needs it. Angel knows that she will never be able to replace his real sister, but she tries her best to be a part of his life. She loves baking and has become an expert baker, so whenever there's a birthday, she is always the one to bake the pies. Everyone loves her pies and it's so special to have her around. Angel is a reminder that family can come from anywhere and her presence in Jason's life is a constant reminder of how lucky he is to have her as a stepsister.

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