BrattySis - Jay Romero - Mina Luxx - Whats It Like When You Cum

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Jay Romero was a bit taken aback by the question that his friend, Mina Luxx, had asked him. He had known her for a while and had never heard her talk about anything like this before. He was curious, but also a bit embarrassed, as he had never really discussed this kind of thing with anyone before. He took a deep breath and tried to articulate what it was like for him when he reached climax.
‘Well, it's hard to explain,' he began. ‘It's kind of like an intense feeling that starts in my toes and radiates up my body, and then it all seems to concentrate in my groin. It's like a wave of pleasure that just keeps building until it crests and then kind of fades away. It's kind of like a physical sensation, but also an emotional one too. It's a really powerful feeling that is hard to describe, but just really amazing. I will show you…'

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