BrattySis - Jay Romero - Rissa May - My Stepbrother Has A Big Slugger

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Rissa May is a bratty younger sister who loves to push her older stepbrother, Jay Romero's buttons. She is always trying to get him into trouble–whether it's making fun of his clothes, teasing him about his friends, or just being plain old annoying. But recently, Rissa May has found a new way to torment her stepbrother. Whenever Jay plays baseball, Rissa May is there to cheer him on-but with a twist. She shows up with a giant foam baseball bat that she calls ‘Big Slugger' and proceeds to cheer for her stepbrother while swinging her huge tits around. Jay's teammates are usually amused by her antics, but Jay is embarrassed and just wants her to fuck her. Rissa May is here to stay and want the Big Slugger too.

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