Kenzie Reeves - Kiara Cole - My Best Friend Is Obsessed With My Brother - S15-E1

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She felt the hard thing in brother's pants roll under her pressure. She really liked the feeling. “Did you do something ugly with them? Something our teacher was telling us about at class today? ”She asked with malicious defiance in her voice. Stepbro immediately blushed. He looked into Kenzie's eyes, but immediately had to look away. He was ashamed, but it wasn't the only thing. She was excited by her leg in his lap. He wasn't sure if it was a dream or a fact. He had a hitherto unknown feeling. He could feel the heat radiating from Kiara's foot. He could feel the beautiful leg playing with him. And he found himself moving his hips against the direction of her movement. His cock was hard as a rock, and he felt it would be done in a moment. Kenzie withdrew her feet from his crotch. She stood up and said “Lie on the ground and I'll do something you won't forget” and he obeyed.

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