BrattySis Natalie Knight - Just Let Me See Your Dick - S14-E12

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While one part of his brain wondered if it was just a dream, the other wondered how it could go on. He had no idea now that he would fall to the ground in shame, because his sister knew his little secret. “What now?” He asked from his position. He saw the most beautiful picture directly above him. Natalie stood slightly crouched above him. Her long legs ended up somewhere in the dimness of her miniskirt. As he thought about it, his cock stretched his pants to burst. Peter's crotch now looked like a small tent. Natalie already had a plan. “Stay down,” she said. Then she quickly rummaged through the desk drawers. She found a ball of string among all sorts of unnecessary things. She turned back to Peter. He lay on the ground, watching her with his eyes like a dog. Looking at him, a pleasant freeze came through her conch. “Undress,” she said. “What?” Stepbro startled by the request. He rose on his elbows and studied his sister. She took a few quick steps forward, walked around him, and without waiting, knelt down so that she almost sat on his chest. Her thighs pressed against the sides of his face and her knees pressed against his ears. Her panties were now inches from his chin.

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