BrattySis - Penelope Kay - My Imaginary Brother S20E12

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Penelope may have let Codey win the battle, but the war is far from over. The next morning, she sneaks into his bedroom wearing itty bitty pajamas and waits for him to wake up and notice her. Codey isn't pleased to see his stepsis first thing in the morning, but before he can get a word in Penelope has begun to prattle about things they can do together. Since Codey isn't awake yet, Penelope suggests they begin with a shower together. Codey tells her that the shower will be a no, but the words have barely left his lips before Penelope pulls the covers back to see his morning wood. She offers him a blowjob, and although Codey is inclined to say no, Penelope isn't about to take that for an answer. She has her hands on Codey's cock before he can say much, and then brings it up to her mouth to start sucking him off almost immediately from there.

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