CaughtMyCoach - Angel Gostosa - Bruce Venture - You Need To Wear A Bra To Practice

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Angel Gostosa and Bruce Venture were two of the best basketball coaches at the school. They were respected by all the players and had a great rapport with each other. One day, during practice, Angel and Bruce were discussing the team's strategy when Angel suddenly stopped mid-sentence and said, ‘You know what, Bruce? You really need to wear a bra to practice.' Bruce was taken aback at first, but then smiled as he realized what Angel meant. He had been leaning back and forth during the drills and his shirt had been riding up a bit, revealing his chest. Angel was suggesting that he wear a bra to keep his shirt in place. Bruce nodded in agreement and thanked Angel for the advice. From then on, Bruce always wore a bra to practice, ensuring that he always looked professional and appropriate. Angel's suggestion was a great reminder that coaches should always be mindful of their players' appearances and ensure that they maintain a professional and appropriate look.

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