CumSwappingSis - Chloe Temple Maya Woulfe - I Want To Play With My Stepbrothers Cum S1E7

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Chloe Temple and Maya Woulfe can't stop playing with slime. When Chloe likens the texture to cum, the conversation changes to how much both girls like to play with and even swallow cum. Things get even more sexual as they role play taking a load to the face. That hot moment leads Chloe to confess that she likes to watch her stepbrother, masturbate. She even gets to see how much cum gets on his sheets because changing out the bedsheets is one of her chores. They resume playing with the slime just in time for Rico to come in and tell them they're pathetic for playing with toys. Seeing an opportunity to create a threesome, Andi shoots back that they'll show Rico what grownups do with toys. The girls both flip their shirts up and cover their tits in the edible slime. As Rico watches in amazement, they take turns leaning in and licking it off each other's breasts. They tell Rico that later they're going to jerk him off and play with his load. A little freaked out, Rico leaves.

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