Emma Starletto - The Teen Experience

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He was in the bedroom looking at me in the mirror. His groin made a lump as his boast rose. I was frightened, I wasn't used to showing him when I was playing. I quickly tried to disguise what I was doing. “Nice”, he said, walked over to me, grabbed my hair and leaned back my head. With his other hand he unbuttoned his pants, and when he released his bird, he immediately thrust it into my mouth. I was surprised by the passion he had with. We've never done such things, but now he's not sparing me, he stuffed me in my mouth until I couldn't catch my breath. When it looked like he would, he left it and grabbed both of my hands. He brutally rolled me over and threw it on the bed. He pulled my legs down so I was kneeling on the ground and my body was in bed. He prepared for me, grabbed my hips and tried to get into me. First he pulled my pussy a few times, but suddenly he stopped. Nothing happened for a moment, so I turned my head to see what she was doing. He immediately turned my face back and held me so I couldn't move …

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