DetentionGirls Adira Allure with Jane Wilde and Mackenzie Moss doing Saint Patricks Day Sex Party - S2:E7

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After a brief moment of rest, girls took the initiative. Adira put me on my back and glanced at my sticking mast. Jane bent down and started smoking him slowly. Mackenzie was in no hurry, and it was obvious she was enjoying it. She always knew how to do it, she had a talent for blowing, and she didn't have too many lovers to learn. Adira worked very skillfully with her tongue, her lips and her teeth. Only occasionally, of course, careful not to hurt me. Still, every time she squeezed her teeth, she tightened my testicles and felt a tickling around my spine. My body was always startled, though reason knew it wouldn't bite me. At the same time, she caressed the scrotum with her hand and played with the balls easily. It was very hot, and I could feel my excitement growing. It was clear that if I didn't interrupt it, I was going to blow her into her mouth.

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