FamilySwap Dee Williams and Vanna Bardot - My Family Swap Sister

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I unzipped the lid and pulled out my hard dick like a stone. I have to fuck right away, or I'll go crazy. I took the dazed Lenka from the table and turned her back on me. Lenka bent down and stuck her ass at me. I grabbed her hips and penetrated her in one blow. I howled in relief. I didn't give Dee a second to exhale and she started pounding on her with all my might. That energy just had to come out of me. Vanna was perfectly narrow and her hole hugged me beautifully. Thanks to all the juices, it slipped beautifully and I felt that I would not last long. I accelerated and grabbed Vanna by the tits I started squeezing. She looked back at me and blinked irritably. The last time I came in, I started pumping into it. I'm usually quiet during sex, but I haven't held up now, and when the strongest wave of orgasm hit me, I growled loudly. I gave to Dee a good dose of semen. I was completely sucked. All energy left me. I lay on Vanna ‘s back and stroked her hair lightly.

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