FamilySwap - Kyler Quinn - Lolly Dames - Trying On Swapmoms Lingerie S5E8

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Khloe has made her intentions regarding her swap dad clear, she wants it all. She waits until Damon is super distracted watching the game, then sits beside him on the couch and asks if he wants to feel her slime. Damon says sure, so Khloe takes his finger and sticks it into her juicy snatch. Damon doesn't realize what he's doing until Lolly walks in and finds them. She leaves the room just long enough to grab Oliver and drag him in. Pulling her skirt up and her thong aside, Lolly announces that this is Damon's pocket pussy and that Oliver surely wants a chance at it. When Oliver gives his enthusiastic assent, Lolly whips her titties out and sinks down to blow him so he is nice and hard for her.

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