FamilySwap - Lexi Luna - Sera Ryder - Bad Dad Jokes Lead To Swap Family Sex S4E8

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Imagine the girls' surprise when their team winds up losing. It turns out that Sera doesn't want to show her twat to her swap family, and Dick is on his swap daughter's side. On the other hand Lexi is used to getting sex daily from her normal family and she's really missing the D. She wants her swap family to get more sexual, so she insists that they keep up their end of the bet. As she flashes those nice jugs, she sees that Robby is nice and hard. Reaching over, she helps herself to a handie. It's hard for Dick and Sera to deny how hot that sight is, so before long Sera finds herself sucking her swap daddy off. Lexi is quick to follow suit with Robbie.

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