GirlsOnlyPorn - Maya Woulfe - Vanna Bardot - Change Of Plans - S5-E3


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Always the instigator, Maya eventually takes over Vanna's pleasure. She really goes to work on Vanna's snatch, rubbing her girlfriend's clit and dipping her fingers inside to get them nice and wet. Eventually she makes her way between Vanna's thighs, licking and kissing her way down Vanna's body to get there. Once she arrives, Maya explores Vanna's meaty twat with her fingers and twat in slow, deliberate laps of her tongue.
Vanna is powerless to do anything but let her head fall back and her moans come long and loud. Maya plays Vanna like a musical instrument, eventually backing off so she can go back to work with her talented fingers. With Maya's digits finger fucking her and Maya's other hand rubbing her clit, nothing could hold back Vanna's inexorable orgasm.

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