YoungerMommy - Eve Marlowe - Summer Vixen - Mommies Game Plan

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Eve Marlowe confronts Brad about what he did to Summer Vixen. After hearing about what he did to her stepdaughter, Eve decides that Brad needs to be taught how to really please a woman. She starts by leading him to the bedroom and showing him what a clit is and just how to lick it. Before long, Brad has mastered that lesson and is rewarded with having his dick licked and sucked. That's how Summer finds them, and though she's unhappy to see them together she's open to playing along. Soon the two girls are locked in a threesome where Brad is taking all the orders. He is fortunate to fuck bot Summer and Eve in many different positions that are designed for the girls' pleasure before they finally let him join in on the pleasure and allow him to climax. When he has permission from Eve, he pulls out and jizzes all over her flat belly so that Summer can lap it up an snowball it with her stepmom.

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