MomsFamilySecrets - Lulu Little - Ophelia Kaan - Wedding Planner

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Lulu accidentally on purpose drops a big spoonful of yogurt and makes a big show of licking it from her fingertips. When Josh doesn't get the hint, Ophelia gets even more up front about her needs. She waits for him to be in his bedroom and then changes into lingerie. Putting on a fluffy robe over top of her getup, she goes to Josh's room and asks what he thinks of her gift for his dad. When Josh seems receptive, Lulu pops her boobs out and tells her stepson that she just loves cum before going in for a BJ. You can get cum without fucking, but that's not what Ophelia is hoping for. Laying on the bed, she spreads her thighs so that Josh can fuck her properly. Flipping onto her belly, she keeps their good times rolling with Josh's help.

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