Moms Valentines Day Fun

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Thirty-five years, but she wasn't at all aware of her character. The first photo was enough and he felt his first twitch run through his penis. She stood there, wearing blue underwear, and her incredibly big breasts wanted to get out. The piece of blue cloth held them with all their strength and pressed them against her beautiful body, making her breasts look even bigger. Was the spot already part of the nipple? He swallowed the saliva and kept looking. Krissy wasn't as thin as her colleague, but she wasn't a fat girl. Tummy, thighs too. She was not wearing thongs, which was a shame to Derek, but even the panties themselves were hot. They covered a big ass. No cellulite. It was a big yes, but it had to be solid, again without a single pimple or scar. But what was the biggest attraction, of course, was her breast. He had no idea if it was silicone or it was a beautiful work of nature. Who knows, but he was looking forward to caress them…

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