MomsTeachSex Kiara Cole - Lexi Luna - My Girlfriends Mom - S13-E3

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Kiara sat in a bathtub full of foam and told me to wash her back and then help her to her feet, because due to the alcohol she drank, her legs were somehow ill. She handed me a washcloth and I washed her back. When I leaned forward a little, I saw her big breasts and immediately it started to rage in my panties. Mom turned to tell me to help her up, but she noticed my dick standing. Lexi didn't say anything, she just grabbed me and suddenly pulled me into the bathtub. When I landed, she started laughing terribly as I was pretty wet. After a while, he says that we will get up and get out of the bath. I had to stand up to help her, but her gaze on my briefs completely drove her crazy, grabbed my briefs by the waist, and pulled them down without speaking. My nice cat jumped out of them and with the words that it's such a great thing, she gently stroked it for me.

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