Kit Mercer and Vera King in My Two Step Moms - S12:E6

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I didn't have to say anything else, Vera understood.
She took off the nightgown she'd been hurrying to wear and knelt at my feet before. She began to round my acorn with the tip of her tongue, massaging the poured balls with one hand. She was massaging my ass with the other hand, and I was beginning to be in heaven. I grabbed her head and slowly pushed my dick deep into her mouth. After a moment she pulled it out, looked at me, and said quietly, “We will continue to reward the prince.” Vera had a nice scallop, large labia and hairline, otherwise she was shaved to her buttocks. After a moment of licking, she was already flowing like a flooded river, longing to have my tightener in her shell. I was very happy to meet her and started to fuck her with slow shots. I slipped her legs over my shoulders to make the insertions as deep as possible, and Ilona rewarded me with an ever fierce punch. Our tongues intertwined, and I found out how great Vera could kiss.

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