MomsTeachSex - Parker Ambrose - Sadie Holmes - Stepmoms Big Date - S20-E6

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Moms have always been the cornerstone of healthy discussion about sex, and today's society is no exception. Parker Ambrose and Sadie Holmes are two of the leading voices in the conversation about sex with stepmoms, and they believe that stepmoms can have just as important a role in teaching sex as biological moms. They believe that stepmoms can be an invaluable asset in teaching young adults about healthy and consensual sexual relationships. Parker and Sadie have organized a big event to bring together stepmoms from all over the country to talk about their experiences, and to provide support and advice for each other. This event is a great opportunity for stepmoms to learn from each other and to get advice and guidance from experienced professionals. With topics ranging from the basics of consent, to how to talk to teens about sex, to how to discuss contraception, and more, this event has something for everyone. Stepmoms can also use this event to network and connect with other stepmoms who can help them as they navigate the tricky world of sex education. Stepmoms have a unique and important role to play in teaching young adults about sex, and it's so important that they have the opportunity to come together and share their knowledge and experiences. Parker and Sadie are excited to be able to provide a safe and supportive space for stepmoms to learn and grow.

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