Rachael Cavalli in Taking Care Of Mom - S12:E3

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I grabbed her ass with my hands, and my tongue began to lick her sweet well. Her aperture dropped her pussy nectar and when I started to pull her teeth and gently bite her in the traps she was in heaven. “Yeah, just a little bit, a little bit more, and I'll be. Lick me for a while, I'm your lollipop, yeah, just a moment. ”My tongue explored every millimeter of her warm wet spring. I was rewarded with juice that almost rolled with her pussy. “Don't stop, I will,” screamed Rachel, and in a moment her belly began to curl, and suddenly she abruptly touched her pussy and I felt her moisture on my tongue. I held her tightly to her butt and slowly began to lay her back on my side. My cock was pretty hard at that moment, so I didn't lament, kneeling beside her. Her eyes were closed and she was panting, I took her legs by her ankles, lifted myself up and moved to her sticky pussy. I put her feet on my shoulders and waited for nothing. I put my cock in my pussy, at that moment she opened her eyes and smiled at me. I put my hands on her firm breast and squeezed a little, just the way she likes it. During the massage, so far I slowly moved in her pussy. My favorite thing is to push it to the root and get massaged by the vaginal muscles, and that is what mom really does. I was in the seventh heaven, I had my cock sucked in a pulsating pussy that nicely lubricated and I added my own for sure.

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