MomWantsToBreed - Bunny Madison - Way Better Than Class

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It's not long before Bunny has been relieved of her bra so that he can open wide and take her tits into his mouth. Bunny lets her hands roam lower as he is eating her breasts so that she can pop his stiffie free. Stroking leads to sucking, which puts Bunny in the position to create a lovely languid 69.
he eventually makes his way down Bunny's body so that he can give full attention to her sleek twat. After licking and fingering Bunny to make sure she's nice and wet, he gets to his knees and slides on home. Bunny remains on her back as he curls up beside her, creating a play on the spooning position that lets them enjoy intimate eye contact as they fuck. Her fingers playing her clit as he gives it to her, Bunny moans long and loud as she grows ever closer to her first big O.


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