MyFamilyPies - Alex Mack - Aria Valencia - Maria Kazi - Something Sweet For Both Of You On Halloween

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Aria Valencia and Maria Kazi were excited for Halloween evening! They had been planning for weeks and decided that instead of trick-or-treating, they would stay home and have a special night of their own. To make it even more special, Aria decided to surprise Maria with something sweet for both of them. She had been thinking about it for days and finally decided to buy Alex Mack, her favorite sex toy. Aria was secretly excited for the night to come, and when she brought it home, she couldn't wait to see the look on Maria's face. She opened the box and showed Maria the toy and said that she wanted to give it to her as a Halloween surprise. Maria was overjoyed and couldn't believe that her best friend had thought of such a wonderful gift. They both got ready for the night and when they were done, Alex Mack was in the center of their bed. They couldn't wait to get started and Maria began to take off her clothes. She was ready to be pleasured and Aria helped her get into position. She took out the toy and began to tease Maria with it. They moved together in perfect unison as Aria made sure to touch every inch of Maria's body. Maria was moaning with pleasure and Aria was completely satisfied with her gift choice. They both stayed in the same position as the night came to an end, and Maria thanked Aria multiple times for the best Halloween ever.

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