MyFamilyPies - Penelope Kay - June 2022 Flavor Of The Month Penelope Kay S2E11

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Penelope Kay reviews the scene and sees that they both need to be naked. He refuses, but Penelope says that's fine; she'll just get naked by herself. They start their reading, but Penelope just can't get fully immersed with Tyler fully clothed. Penelope tries saying she'll do his cores for a month if he gets naked. Next, Penelope tells Tyler they're going to have to kiss. He freaks out, but Penelope shuts him up with a kiss that has nothing to do with the script. Her hand finds his hard dick, making it clear that she's pretty into her naked stepbro. Penelope's hand stays on his dick, stroking him off until she quits kissing and leans in to start sucking.


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