MyFamilyPies Zazie - Lick It Before You Stick It - S15-E6

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Zazie made herself comfortable, and looked at me with a lovely but stern look. Well, I didn't really like it, but she's here at home… I got up again and started. Well, I have to say that in my dreams the striptease had its beautiful place, but somehow, nějak, somehow I didn't play the main role in them… Shorts went down last. As soon as I pulled them down, I hid the hard dick on the bone in my hands. She nodded at me to come closer, and as soon as I had covered that meter distance, she reached for me, cut my hands off the bird, and grabbed it by herself. She stroked him twice and put him in her mouth. My toes twisted and I sighed happily. But just before the top, she pulled it out of her mouth and pulled me next to me. I sat next to her, recovering from her care. Zazie moved away from me, resting her head against the wall and throwing her legs into my lap.

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