NubileFilms - Alex Coal - Aria Valencia - Quinton James - Theodora Day - Everything In Its Right Place S43E28

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Alex is the first to earn Quinton's full attention. At Quinton's instruction, Alex undoes the front of her dress to bare her bra. Aria and Theodora cuddle together as they watch the strip show. Knowing that she's got Quinton's absolute attention, Alex turns around and wiggles that ass before coming in for a kiss that promises so much more. Quinton moves to the couch so that Alex can indulge in him. Her hand strokes up and down Quinton's stiffie as they continue to kiss. Dipping her head low, Alex sucks her sugar daddy's dick down into a deep throat blowjob. With that kind of sensual show in front of them, it's not surprising that Theodora and Aria have gotten handsy with one another.

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