NubileFilms - Alyx Star - Aubree Valentine - Damon Dice - Quinton James - Never Have I Ever

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Alyx Star isn't done with her naughty come-ons. She comes out and blatantly flirts with Aubree beneath the table in spite of Aubree's obvious discomfort. Oblivious, Quinton volunteers Alyx Star to give Damon a massage to help him relax. Alyx Star is happy to oblige and turn her sights to Damon. Meanwhile, Quinton lets Aubree know that he's aware of what she and Alyx Star did in the bedroom earlier and that he's totally down with it.
While Aubree is realizing that Quinton has a total swinging session in mind, Damon is making the same discovery about Alyx Star. Both Damon and Aubree are discomfited by the intensity of Quinton and Alyx Star, respectively, but neither Quinton nor Alyx Star is willing to back down. It's not long before Alyx Star has Damon's dick in her mouth while Quinton has Aubree on the table with his dick buried in her pussy. Both Damon's and Aubree's inhibitions quickly melt away between that sensual assault.

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