NubileFilms-Chad-Alva-Theodora-Day-March-2023-Fantasy-Of-The-Month S4E4

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Drawing Theodora in for a kiss, Chad samples her lips and then moves on down to her neck. His hands busy themselves cupping Theodora's breasts and kneading those soft globes. Relieving Theodora of her bra, Chad gives the tits a squeeze and then slides his hand lower to cup the heat of Theodora's pussy beneath her thong. Using that hand to guide Theodora into a prone position, Chad comes around her body. He kneels between her thighs and then slides her thong aside to access the heart of her pleasure. Flicking his tongue out, Chad goes to work lapping at Theodora's clit and driving his tongue into her twat. His fingers join in on the fun, leaving Theodora with her eyes closed and her head back as she moans.

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