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It's a warm summer evening, standing by the open kitchen window and watching the sunset over the fragrant blooming garden. I'm shortening the moment I expect a friend to arrive.
I'm really looking forward to it, I'm just wearing a towel and my favorite perfume.
The key clicks in the lock, I hear it coming and I feel a pleasant tension between my legs.
Furthermore, I remain leaning out of the window, so he is greeted by the sight of my bulging ass, economically covered by a towel.
He stands behind me and starts kissing me on the neck and on my very sensitive ears. I shudder with bliss and squeeze my ass into his lap. He pulls off my towel and takes off my shirts, leans his back against his muscular chest and my hair tingles on my delicate skin. My bare ass rubs against the rough fabric of his jeans and I feel his hard cock trapped by a flap.
He takes my fair breasts in his palms and begins to massage them pleasantly, in the legs I feel a familiar heat and in a rush of desire I rub my ass for his erection…

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