Nubiles Catti Murzuk - Legs And Lace

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“Yeah!” I exclaim excitedly. Without a word, as if I were a piece of furniture, he pushes me forward. I hit all four and his strong arms pull all my clothes off in one stroke. I hear her fly open and follow him without mercy into my hungry pussy. We both exhale with excitement and start fucking. He has a big dick and shoves him hard and deep into my cave. I play the vibrations to the maximum and I feel my whole pussy burning with lust. Orgasm is coming unstoppably! I swing my hips in a regular rhythm, and with my hand clutching my toy, I come out to meet them. My whole body was cramped and I feel waves of pleasure pass through me. I am having an orgasm that is even stronger than before. Thank goodness I don't have neighbors to listen to me…

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