Mirai is Sexy First

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Her eyes fluttered wildly across the text, but no more information was available to her brain. She had to think only of him. The dark, bristly hair that gave his sharp features a mischievous look. On the rough stubble surrounding full lips. How about kissing? Mirai shivered arbitrarily at the thought. Immersed in the depths of her imagination, she didn't realize she was staring at her all the time. Thoughtfully, she leaned her elbow on the worktop and slid her fingers into the red wavy hair. In her mouth she could feel the smooth surface of the lollipop, and at that moment her imagination materialized realistically. She started toying with sweetness. She swirled the tip of her tongue around the perimeter, then placed it in her mouth. She shivered from the newfound feelings. In her lap she felt warm, so she swung her leg over her leg, her short denim skirt rolling up, revealing the fold of her round butt.

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