Nubiles - Roxy Ryder - Roxy Gets Her Rocks Off

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It started to rain quite a lot on the window and the storm was getting stronger and so was the wind. It started to be quite scary and the thunder began to be quite loud and the menacing rumble and the windows sometimes rumbled. Sometimes even lightning tore me from the thought of the girls lying next to me. When someone knocked on the door, it opened and Roxy stood in it with a phone, asking if he could go to me for a moment that it scared her. So I told her to sit in the chair next to the bed that I would talk to her, but she said she wanted to see me. I wondered why not, so I left her a blanket, because she wasn't for two, and I let her go next to me and lay down next to her without a blanket. She took my hand and thanked me. She told me that she was asleep and she was afraid she would not fall asleep. We talked together and after a while it occurred to me that if I had a girl next to me, I could use it.

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