Serenity Swoon - Sweet Sensations

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She had to shower in the morning. She was so stuck down below … She giggled at her and turned on the water. She soaped it and scrubbed it properly, and adjusted it with a shaver. Yeah, when she was little, she was duly proud of her hair, but now she knew what the right young lady should look like below. Kamil, Kamil, Kamil, was still ringing between her ears while she was wiping, having breakfast, and even when she went to school. She only went to her for half a year. For half a year in high school! And for over two years, she had envied the other girls that they had boys. Some even two. Only she still couldn't knock anyone. Wouldn't you! It was fat, horrible! At a hundred and seventy centimeters in height, sixty pounds is far too much! She knew what was behind it. Threesome tits and round, backward protruding ass! She was worried about it all the time, but she didn't have the courage to stop eating, just playing sweet sensations.

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