Sonya Jay

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Of course she realized what was going to happen. Of course she knew what she wanted, but she was surprised when it happened. He pulled her into the toilet, sat on a bowl, and ordered her to pull him out and show off. Inevitably, she unzipped the zipper and tried to slip her fingers into the slit. Kamil laughed softly and helped her. He loosened his belt with the button and tapped his trousers to his ankles. Julie stroked the bulge beneath her trouser fabric. He helped her too, and Julca was looking at his almost erect tail. He was duly proud of him, for who could boast in his age of such a size, enhanced by a smooth shave. He hadn't really stood up yet, and he had the impression of a big stick. She took it shyly between her forefinger and thumb, as if it were a slimy snake and lifted it up. He knew he was holding it for the first time. Already at school, when he first encountered her, he knew it was an inexperienced and complex goose that wouldn't say no. These inexperienced tops attracted him like a sponge to water.

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