Nubiles Sophie For Your Eyes Only

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I nodded. I didn't bother with the words. Sophie placed her hands on my breast, still oily from oil. Her touch was electrifying. All I had to do was place her hands on my chest and bite my lower lip. And then she began to admire my breasts. At first she took them gently and lifted them. She squeezed them to herself. She stroked them all around. She ran her fingers into every corner. And then she finally noticed the nipples.
She ran her hand over them. I grunted with delight. It was beauty. Indescribable beauty. Then she exchanged her hands with her fingers. She indexed them with her index finger, then added her thumb and squeezed them. A groan came from my mouth, so loud that Sophie looked at me. Our eyes met. I was clouded with excitement, her eyes narrowed with interest.

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