Adelyn - Kiere - What Girls Like - S21-E7

Adelyn decided to advance to the next target. She gently pulled on KiereĀ“'s T-shirt and she understood. However, as she pulled it over her head, she felt Adelyn strip her skirt off in a flash. When Kiere could look down again, Adelyn was already bent over in her crotch, running her fingers over the triangle of chestnut hair in Kiere's lap. How lucky she wasn't wearing panties. She never wore them when she didn't have to leave her accommodation. As a result, Adelyn now had direct access to KiereĀ“s Cave. She stroked the garden on Venus's hill once more with her hand and then slid her fingers down.
“Yeah,” Kiere breathed as Adelyn's forefinger picked up the juice flowing from Kiere's pussy and began to spread it over her cunt. The gentle woman's hand knew how to properly touch the magical place, and Kiere's pussy opened and flowed more and more under the irritation.

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