Clockwork Viktoria My Little Kitty - S20-E8

Viktoria felt something warm on her fingers. Peter's mouth tightened around Viktoria's fingers and his small tongue began to process both. She shivered at how pleasant it was. She pulled her fingers from his mouth and slid them back into her panties for a moment, driving quickly through her wet duck. The fingers of her other hand gently circled the tip of his acorn and rubbed his moisture around, and then those fingers ended up in her baby. Then, when she finally pulled her other hand out of her panties again, Peter quickly adjusted his half-open mouth, whimpering bliss. He could taste his sister in his mouth, a little salty and extraordinarily delicious. His tongue ached as he caressed his sister's fingers, trying to get between them. Her muffled moans and damp sounds came to his ears. He rolled his eyes in her direction for a moment and saw her masturbate wildly. At that moment, Lucka pulled her fingers from his mouth and, with her wet index finger, touched the very sensitive tip of the acorn again and began circling it gently. Peter shouted softly and at that moment he was done. He sprayed at small intervals. He felt the warm semen fall on his stomach and thighs. Even though the orgasm was fading, he was still stronger than anything he had experienced before.

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