PetiteHDPorn – Jeva – Little Beauty – S19-E3

PetiteHDPorn - Jeva as Little Beauty - S19:E3

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Suddenly he picked me up and threw it back on the bed. He turned me on his back, knelt beside me, and held my hands behind my head. I was wondering how I tried to slip. He smiled, took the belt, and struck me slightly over the chest, once, twice, three times. Then the wounds shifted to the abdomen. I twisted, it hurt at first, but suddenly something changed. I stopped feeling the pain and became an exciting pleasure. Tomas hit me several times and I suddenly wanted more. I sagged to tear my breasts and nipples and wait for each more whipping, I was completely out of the way. I begged him to add, and at the same time she was afraid and pleased to see the tape turn out again. Every morning I drove through me like an electric current to my pussy, blissful feelings escalated.