PetiteHDPorn Lottie Magne - Tiny Girlfriend Loves To Fuck - S20-E7

Looking at him, she had a pleasant chill through her pussy. “Take off your clothes,” she said. “What?” He was taken aback by the request. He got up on his elbows and looked at Lottie . She took a few quick steps forward, straddled him, and without waiting, she knelt so that she almost sat on his chest. Her thighs pressed against the sides of his face and his knees pressed against his ears. Her panties were only a few inches from his chin. He took two deep breaths. And he felt the most sensational smell he could ever imagine. Nata's panties, the smell of a woman mixed with the scent of washed laundry and a little sweat. All together it gave an intoxicating combination. Lottie could feel his breaths. It excited her. In her lower abdomen, the familiar freeze again took place.

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