Siiri - Sophie - Hot For Her - S20-E5

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Come here, She said softly, stepping toward me. I took the edge of the tang into my hands and let them slide down my legs. I leaned in behind her and unbuttoned her bra, which I threw away. She had small breasts. I watched the large, now hardened nipples in amazement. I smiled. I took the two scoops in my hands and stroked them. She crushed them. Sophie sighed as if we were making love. She liked it and me too. I wanted to cause her the pleasure she made me to kiss, so I bent down, grabbed those two beautiful, firm, small breasts, and put my nipples straight into her mouth. Siiri tilted her head, liking it so much, and drifting with pleasure. She sighed my name. She held my head to her breasts and pushed me to her body. I could feel her soft hands on my shoulders and head. She had beautiful, young nipples. Not only did I suck them, bite my lips, sometimes I bit my teeth.

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