PrincessCum - Chloe Temple - Juan El - Caballo Loco - I Want Some Cream S10E6

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Princess Chloe Temple stared deeply into Juan El Caballo Loco's eyes, her lips slightly parted as she uttered the words, ‘I want some cream.' She was not referring to the dairy treat that goes with a cup of coffee. No, she was referring to the cream of Juan's loins–his sperm. To her, it was a request for the ultimate pleasure, a request to feel the heat of his passion deep inside her. She wanted to experience the sheer bliss that only his cum could bring. Juan El Caballo Loco was all too happy to oblige, and the two of them spent the night in a passionate frenzy. When the sun rose, Princess Chloe Temple was satisfied with the cream she had received.

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