PrincessCum - Eliza Ibarra in My April Fool - S3-E4

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Uff so I'm finally here! I stand in front of his door and my breath melts with tension. I knock and, after the invitation, I enter. He welcomed me and asked me to sit down. Heh smart … if only he knew what I was up to. For a moment, he tried to exhaust the situation until he came across why I'm so restless? I immediately caught up with this question. My gaze rested on him, I tried to see in my eyes how much I wanted him and I said, “Hey, Mister” to see what my skirt is and bite my lip. So this didn't leave him cold … He flushed, nervous, lost his speech, and quickly jumped out of his chair. He marched behind his desk, which only a confined space allowed him. He fluttered and searched for words. I knew this was exactly the moment he was so upset…

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