Kacie Castle - What My Sister Wants - S3-E1

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I waited for him to thrust him there. For a moment, he fingered me and praised how amazing it was that I was so wet. Then he finally put me on the edge of the entrance to my cave and knocked it. I felt my way in and I felt full of it. It was mainly because of his thick stick at the root – the vaginal entrance tightened, and I literally gushed my delight from the beginning. He started to surrender and I loved it. I spontaneously dedicated myself to those pleasant feelings, and I sighed, moaning, and rubbing my fingers in my back. He was still eager and keen to kiss me on my mouth, neck, or shoulders as if he could not get enough of me. My pussy clattered in my pussy and it was getting hotter. It grew steep and the familiar feeling of itching became more and more irritating. After about two minutes, my excitement peaked and I came into a shaking orgasm.

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