Step Siblings Caught Chanel Grey - Scarlett Mae - I Got My Step Sister To Fuck My Boyfriend

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“As you wish,” the blonde said softly, hugging Scarlett. Her hands found the piece of cloth that held Scarlett's large breasts close to her body. In one motion, she released the pressure and the black bra fell on the bed. Derek gasped. Scarlett's breasts were incredibly large, yet firm, and perfectly shaped. He didn't even have a good look at them, and Chanel was already staring at them. She stroked them first, gently. She ran over them like a big ball. On the sides, from below, where they meet the body. But she didn't last long, and her delicate fingers moved to her nipples, which Scarlett had already hardened and swollen. First, Chanel rubbed them between her thumbs and forefingers, then engaged her tongue. The delight that Scarlett had caused must have been enormous, as Scarlett tilted her head and one moan after another came out of her lips. Derek stared at both beauties hungrily, massaging his already swollen cock with one hand. He pulsed vividly in his hand, longing for both girls.

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