StepSiblingsCaught - Diego Perez - Layla Jenner - My New Stepsister Is Always Naked

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Diego Perez was already dreading the day his father married a woman with a daughter his age, but he never expected he would walk in on Layla Jenner, his stepsister, in nothing but her birthday suit. He had been hanging out with his friends when he got a text from his father, asking him to come home right away. Diego assumed his dad was introducing him to his new family, so he reluctantly obliged and made his way to his father's house. When he walked in, Diego was shocked to see Layla, his new stepsister, completely naked and standing in the living room. She was obviously embarrassed by the situation, but Diego was too stunned to say anything. He couldn't believe what he was seeing and he quickly ran out of the house. Diego's father had no idea what had just happened and he quickly apologized to his son and promised to talk about it later. Although Diego was embarrassed and confused by the incident, he couldn't help but feel a little bit excited. In the days since then, Diego has caught Layla in various states of undress, and he can't help but feel a strange attraction to her. Even though it's wrong, Diego finds himself wanting to see her naked again.

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